Saturday, June 02, 2007

Build your own NAS device

I believe it is a universal truth that data will always expand to fill all available media -- even if you do nothing with that data. At least, that always seems the case with us.

We have been considering picking up a few Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices for awhile now, so as to increase storage capacity without adding significantly to the space and power consumption in our server facility.

Naturally, this seems to me to be an excellent opportunity to repurpose some old hardware and build my own NAS device.

Before you go too far down this road, though, consider the fact that there are quite a few not-too-expensive NAS devices out there that will work quite well for small office/home office environments. A quick visit to, for instance, shows that you can find a decent sized NAS for well under $500.00 without too much effort. However, serious NAS devices with RAID configurations, redundancy, and 1 TB+ disk space are still very pricey -- so much so that it is probably cheaper to build your own.

I'm going to start the research now, and keep you posted. Here are my goals:

1) Must support Windows/Mac clients
2) Must be fault tolerant (i.e. RAID)
3) Small form factor
4) 1TB+ storage capacity
5) minimum power consumption/heat generation

I'll keep you posted.

Update: This looks like a nice case for the price....