Friday, November 24, 2006

Replace your phone service with Skype

The folks over at have a nifty how-to guide for replacing your PSTN phone service (that's Public Switched Telephone Network, for people like me, who are still new to this whole VOIP thing) with a Skype based solution.

This is rather slick...

The author claims that his "solution was to build a Skype server that provides 24/7 phone service with the minimum of hassle and fuss. By dumping your regular phone company and taking back control of your home phone wiring using a Skype server, you will have not only a phone system with nearly the same capabilities as before-indeed, in some ways better-you will also save a bundle of money! In my case, I save a little less than $700 US each year (this year, next year, and the year after that, and so on), or about 82% off of my old phone bill."

Hmmm... 82% is a lot of dough.

Darn. The SkypeIn service (details on the Skype website) is not yet available in Canada. Well, it is, but my next door neighbours would have to call a number in some other country to get me... and that's not going to happen.

Oh well.